24X7 Ambulance Service

State-of-the-art ambulance at our hospital are equipped to handle most complex emergencies and are available to our patients 24 hrs of the day. Staff’s manning these ambulances is well trained in managing emergencies in their respective fields ranging from multiple traumas to cardiac emergencies.


The Ambulance service is an integral part of the Emergency Medicine Department. We have ambulances with the necessary facilities like Monitors, defibrillators, ventilators and continuous oxygen supply. The fleet is supported by para-medics skilled in transportation of patients and victims of accident. They are trained in Advanced Life Support and Trauma Life support.



For accidents and Emergencies, the casualty department is located strategically at the entrance of the hospital. It is manned round the clock by Emergency Medical Officer backed up by specialist on call from each discipline.

The department is backed up by the prompt 24×7 services from Ambulance, Blood Bank, Radiology & Pharmacy as and when required.

Collaborative & Comprehensive Super Specialist team comprising of Neurosurgeon, Ortho, General Surgeon, physician, Anaesthesia and ENT Surgeon is always readily available.