Community Outreach

Highlight of the camps are:

Free Registration

Free Consultation

Free Medicines

Discounts on diagnostic tests


General Health Camps:

Our Doctors and Paramedical staff visit rural and remote areas of the region to conduct free health checkup and awareness camp throughout the year. These healthcare camps include General Health Care, Eye Care, Dental Care, Skin Care for General Public, Children and Women and Senior Citizens.


Senior Citizen Camps:

By 2030, India would be only second country after China to have world’s largest geriatric population

General medical problems in geriatric population include:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Brochial asthama
  3. Skin Infection
  4. Insomenia
  5. Hernia
  6. Fissures


Aarogyam Hospital conducts various of these camps with the objective to enhance quality of life of senior citizens by providing preventive and curative services which would result in higher life expectancy of the patient.

Every senior citizen is treated with tremendous care & respect which enhances their comfort level and helps in building a long term relationship with us.


School Camps

Poor hygiene, low literacy, poverty and inequality has compounded the problem and poses a huge challenge in providing adequate healthcare facilities to the children in India.

Aarogyam Hospital from time to time conducts camps in schools across the region.

Common health problems found in children are:

  1. ENT disorder
  2. Eye & Refractive disorder
  3. Skin & Fungal infections
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Dental infection


Our aim is to identify disorder / disease early in children and offer them preventive & Curative remedies with utmost care


Corporate Camps:

Aarogyam Hospital also provides preventive health check up services to the employees of Corporate and various Industrial Units of the region. We also offer them round the clock emergency services.

Executives and workers face mainly stress related disorder those include anxiety, depression, hypertension, diabetes and lifestyle related.